Jungle Reserve

This hilly 50-acre jungle property has over 1/2 mile of river frontage below for kayaking and two miles of trails for hiking.



Kukulkan sits on a hilltop overlooking the magnificent Macal River Valley with once in a lifetime views from the 1200 SF main deck.



The magnificent glass tiled swimming pool sits at the high deck level and has an infinity edge looking at the amazing valley below.


100% green energy

Kukulkan is Solar powered and off the grid, 100% green with water caught from the sky and a butane generator back up for rainy days.

The Villa

Kukulkan has 3 large bedrooms and 3 1/2 baths with 3200 square feet inside and over 1800 square feet in decks.

Each bedroom has its own split unit energy efficient A/C to keep you cool on warm nights. But usually sliding open the fully screened windows and enjoying the gentle breeze and lovely forest sounds will be the best way to lull you to sleep

The master bedroom has a Hastens king size bed which is known to be the worlds best mattress and the second master has a king sized tempurpedic plus a futon with two double beds in the third bedroom.

Floors from local hardwoods cover all areas of the 140-foot long house except bathrooms which are each marble with walk-in showers.

High-speed internet inside and on the decks with a 60” TV with Apple TV in the great room and Roku for the 55" in the master bedroom.

Kukulkan is eco-friendly and melts into the environment with over 8 KW of solar power (and a butane generator backup for rainy days).

House is designed to be very private with mostly high windows facing the front yard, driveway and staff housing and a wall of windows facing the valley with total privacy except for perhaps a noisy parrot or passing toucan.

The kitchen is fully equipped with a Viking oven and stove as well as an outdoor wood grill for barbecues and many plates, glasses and platters.

The swimming pool is fan shaped and high off the ground with stairs in from cement pool deck and is fully glass tiled with an Infiniti edge yet only 4.5 feet deep and very safe.

The pool is also totally private and not visible to the staff or anyone (except those noisy passing parrots) and so bathing suits are optional.

We have an honor bar with some wines and a variety of liquor and can arrange to have whatever you want in advance of your stay. Just pay for what you order or what you use from our own house supplies.

Any charges you have for trips or drinks can be paid by credit card onsite before your departure.

We have great cooking equipment for you to use in our kitchen and will get the fire started for you on our outdoor wood grill if you want to do a cookout. Or you can just relax and Leonardo can come over and barbecue your meal for you in the local style and Adelita can make you flour tortillas or cook you local dishes. All service is included at Kukulkan plus we add a 5% gratuity for the team. And you can also rest assured our full-time staff will always be on the grounds and available for your needs 24 hours a day.

Decks and Pool

The weather will hopefully be perfect at Kukulkan and with windows slid open the inside and the outside all really come together in this amazing environment. We designed Kukulkan to really make it all one 5000 square foot house part of it inside and part of it on the decks leading from each main room.

The large social living room which is 1200sf has a wall of windows and sliding door leading to its own great deck which is also 1200sf. The first master bedroom has its sliding door and wall of windows leading to its own wrap around deck which even has an outdoor shower. Both decks sit 15 feet above the ground as do the bedrooms. The second master bedroom also has its own beautiful deck overlooking the valley and the pool.

The swimming pool is quite near the second master bedroom but the pool is entered by a door in the hallway and has its own smaller cement deck. The pool sits just a few feet lower than the two decks that surround it but is still high off the ground.

What makes all these high decks even more special is that the birds whether a toucan or other tropical birds that visit the trees will be at almost eye level as they fly by. It's quite amazing to see a full keel-bill toucan flying by, half beak and half bird, and right at eye level.

The pool is very special and was designed by Brendan O'donoghue to blend in with the house' angles and curves and be well off the ground. The pool is fan shaped and 4.5 feet in depth with the whole pool being tiled in blue glass tiles which are beautiful to behold as they reflect the light and also very comfortable to the feet. The view from the pool is as amazing as it is from the decks but in a pool, you just don’t expect to be hanging out at the end of it totally safe yet suspended above a jungle valley with scenery that is really once in a lifetime beautiful. There is also an infinity edge to make it even more dramatic (and safe)

Some guests spend most of their time between the pool, the kitchen, the bar and the decks. It is a unique and wonderful environment so why not just take it easy. Remember Leonardo can come over and do a cookout for you or Adelita can make you a local dish and the worlds best flour tortillas whenever you like.

After all it's your vacation!


The location is central to many day trips in the region from Tikal Guatemala and nearby Belize Mayan ruins to zip lining, cave tubing or a host of other options. Leonardo our onsite manager who is a Mayan Belizean will make all your arrangements and accompany you on most trips.

Pine Ridge

The Pine Ridge is a national forest preserve with crystal clear streams and pine covered mountains and just 45 minutes away from Kukulkan. Our guests can have a very special visit to the Pine Ridge as Kukulkan owns its own private reserve and swimming area in this unique area. Our land is right on the Privission Creek with its pristine water and granite boulders. Leonardo can take you to our special 11-acre retreat where you first overlook a waterfall then go down our 130 cement steps to the Privission Creek for a swim or layout on the massive granite rocks. You will see amazing orchids and have a special experience. Our property is right near Francis Ford Coppola’s 'Blancaneaux Lodge’ where we can take you for a great meal before heading home. You can also drive on to visit the 1000 foot water falls and other Pine Ridge landmarks or swimming areas.


This world famous Mayan ruin is not far away in Guatemala. Leonardo will make all your arrangements and accompany you on the whole trip. First, you will drive to the border just 15 minutes away then after crossing the border you will meet a private van and a private Guatemalan tour guide who will be waiting and take you on the full day outing including lunch at the ruins.

By the time you get back you’ll know more than you ever imagined about the ancient Mayan civilization. And Leonardo who is himself a Mayan will make sure the trip goes smoothly.


This is a nearby but still impressive Mayan ruin. Only 15 minutes drive and then you cross the river on a hand cranked little ferry and take a short walk to this wonderful Mayan ruin where you can walk up the steps and see the view enjoyed by the ancient Mayan kings.


Drive to special locations where you will get into a big tube and float peacefully down the river through caves and the forest. There are several trips to choose from.


You can take a kayak (we have three at the house) and go down the river from Kukulkan into San Ignacio and Leonardo will pick you and the kayaks up and take you back to Kukulkan. Manuel will go along in one of the kayaks to help you along. It is beautiful going down the Macal River and you will see iguana on the trees and amazing birds flying by. This isn’t Florida so you won’t see any alligators or even crocs.



You will get picked up at Kukulkan and taken (or drive your car to a nearby location) to ATM where after a walk you will enter these now famous and protected caves that were only discovered in 1989 after being left untouched for 1000 years. They were opened to the public with only special guides since 1998. Here you will see Skeletons, ceramics, and stoneware left in special places by the ancient Mayans.


Zip lining

take a beautiful drive and land up in a magnificent jungle setting where you will slide atop the jungle from one location to the next. We use the best and biggest zip lining company in Belize and it is a breathtaking experience but not for the faint of heart.



We have two miles of beautiful trails at Kukulkan and Leonardo or Manuel will take you on a wonderful walk right on our property through the jungle. Don’t miss this experience and see how much cooler it is inside the forest canopy.


Chaa creek

Kukulkan’s owner best friends are the owners of The Lodge at Chaa Creek. This world famous jungle lodge is one of the best in the world and a great place to go for an afternoon visit to their museum or the magnificent grounds and have lunch or go for a five-star dinner with thatched roof elegance.



It's always fun to go shopping or grab a bite at Guava Limb Restaurant in San Ignacio and even better to go on Saturday mornings when the weekly fruit and vegetable market takes place and the whole town is humming. If you stay with us on Saturday we won’t let you miss this and get a feel for the energy of the wonderful local community.


Some guests spend too much time on side trips and forget to just kick back and relax at Kukulkan Villa. Adelita can make you some great local dishes and hand made flour tortillas and Leonardo can fix you a barbecue dinner while you go from our huge deck and layout in our loungers and take dips in the pool all the time overlooking one of the most amazing views you will ever experience. At Kukulkan Leonardo, Adelita and Manuel, as well as the kids, will only be worried about you having a wonderful vacation however you want to have it.

Our Story

Kukulkan was completed in 2006 after two years of construction.

It was built by and is the concept of Alvin Roy (Al) Granoff a former lawyer, legislator, and hotel owner who had traveled to Belize as his 'get away place’ since 1981 throughout his long and varied career.

Al has also always been a world traveler and many art pieces from his many journeys are displayed in the house. Best to let him describe this most amazing home on a hilltop in the jungle.


Alvin Granoff

Former lawyer, legislator
and hotel owner
I hope you can come and be our guest and enjoy this very special place which may be

the most beautiful and friendly jungle in the world

I built Kukulkan as my dream home in what I have always considered the most beautiful part of the world.

We located it on a hilltop to get the freshest air and best possible view of the valley below. We had to build the 1.5-mile road to the site. And we built the house with steel for strength and wood to blend in with the environment and for comfort.

We did our best to build a comfortable modern home that was totally eco-friendly and off the grid and solar powered yet with high-speed internet and efficient A/C in the bedrooms for those rare hot stuffy nights.

But mostly we designed a house to allow the breezes and natural sounds of the jungle to come through. We put in screens mostly to keep out the moths because miraculously one never sees a mosquito. I think if one mosquito survived in this hilly terrain it would be eaten immediately by a gecko or a bat. So laying outdoors on the deck or in the pool is just serene with no ‘off’ ever needed.

I added the pool after 2012 but originally I did my daily swim in the river below. It's still lovely to take a dip in the river or take a kayak, but once we built the pool which sits well off the ground alongside the decks it became irresistible to just jump in the water at the house. And because the pool is only visible to passing birds or an occasional howler monkey in a nearby tree, bathing suits are optional. Of course, I’ve had a few embarrassing moments. But oh well.

I decided to put Kukulkan for rent on onlinein 2012 as I knew I would be gone for quite a while and it is just too beautiful a place to keep greedily for oneself. Kukulkan should be shared and others should enjoy and take inspiration from being there. I did come back to Kukulkan to live in 2015 with no rentals for two years but have now moved to Italy and since May of this year, it is now available for rental on the modern Airbnb platform. Although I admit Italy is nice, I do miss Kukulkan and Belize.

But it's not just the location that makes Kukulkan so special for me and for our guests. It is the Moh family. Leonardo and Adelita moved to Kukulkan with their 2 and 6-year-old daughters two months before I moved in in 2006. They have been with me and taken care of me and our guests with such thoughtfulness and kindness that they have become even more important to Kukulkan than the amazing views. Just read the reviews and you will see what I mean. And happily, there is now a 3rd Moh with the arrival of little Kayon Alroy almost one year ago.


Kukulkan Villa is located in
Belize, in the jungles near San Ignacio.

Our coordinates are 17°07'22.7"N 89°03'58.5"W
Leonard Moh
Villa Manager

Long term rentals

For movie directors interested in using Kukulkan as a movie set or base while shooting a movie in Belize or for guests who wish to stay longer than 3 weeks please contact Alvin directly at alvin@gpshotels.net.


Make Yourself at Home!

Kukulkan Villa is owned by Alvin Roy Granoff and maintained by a local Mayan family. Leonardo and Adelita that have two lovely daughters, Lulu now 12 and Sherrie who is 16 and now their baby brother born in September 2016.

Leonardo and
Adelita Moh

Roy Granoff

Our manager Leonardo Moh is a Mayan from southern Belize and is a safe driver and licensed tour guide who can be your private guide to many locations.

Leonardo can pick up 5-6 people at the airport and arrange for a van to pick up larger groups and take you directly to Kukulkan. Leonardo can also arrange all your activities in advance or when you are here. Leonardo and his wife and daughters have lived on and managed Kukulkan for over 10 years and can help you have a very special journey to this beautiful and undiscovered part of Belize.

You can’t use GPS to arrive at our door.

We can also make all arrangements to pick you up or drop you off at the airport or anywhere in Belize. If you have your own car, Leonardo will meet you in San Ignacio and lead you into Kukulkan.

Getting There

We can pick you up at the international airport in Belize City when you arrive or the municipal airport if you are flying from the island or anywhere in Belize and take you to Kukulkan. Or if you have your own rent car (we always suggest 4WD for Belize) then Leonardo can meet you in San Ignacio Town 10 minutes away and lead you to the property. Kukulkan is not easy to find and you can’t use google maps as we are down a road we built that has no name plus we like Kukulkan to be very private. Of course, charges apply for pickups and drop offs and vary depending on the number of people and location.

You can also fly Tropic Air a small local but very good local airline that will take you to an airstrip quite near to us. This could be the best way to come to us from San Pedro and we are happy to pick you up and take you to Kukulkan. You would simply book online on Tropic Air to San Ignacio or you can ask us to make the booking for you and we will take care of everything. You can also fly up to San Ignacio on Tropic from Placencia in southern Belize but the drive is pretty beautiful if you don’t mind 3 hours in a vehicle you’ll have lots of dramatic photos to take.

You can certainly rent a vehicle in Belize but it's not really necessary or always advisable. But you do NOT want to rent a regular sedan, so if you rent please rent a 4WD SUV. As the cost of rental for a good SUV is fairly high and as it is quite easy to arrange transport I generally recommend you let Belizeans do the driving when you are on the mainland of Belize. Of course on the island in San Pedro you can roam around in your own golf cart rental but although it is very safe on the mainland there are lots of very rough roads and all the places you would want to go on a side trip are not easy to find. So an SUV rental is certainly possible but having a professional Belize driver and tour guide is usually a better way to go.

Remember Belize is beautiful and friendly. You will love the people who all speak English and just love tourists be they Americans or Europeans. But Belize is a 3rd world country which although improving its infrastructure still has a long way to go. So be patient and enjoy the people and the magnificent surroundings but don’t expect smooth roads or even traffic lights.